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How Alumni can support Project Scoreboard

As alumni of Great Oak High School, you can remember how important school SPIRIT was.   Not much has changed since you were here when it comes to school spirit and academic excellence – Great Oak High School is the #1 school in Riverside County and has one of the highest graduation rates.

It’s still very competitive in National and California athletics especially in Track, Cross country, and CIF football.  The band was honored by participating in two international events in  London and Paris this year.


To continue the school spirit, the GOALS Revitalization Committee is asking you and your fellow classmates to help us with purchasing a new Digital Scoreboard that will enhance your legacy at Great Oak.   We have prepared a video below and ask each of you to donate to your alma mater for this worthwhile cause.   You can also help by posting the link to your Facebook and Tweeting it out to your friends because every donation, regardless of the amount, makes a difference.  Help us make this project VIRAL on social media!

We need you to donate today.  Thank you for helping keep your Great Oak High School – GREAT!

Click here to donate and make a difference!

If you prefer to donate by check, please make your check payable to: “GOALS”
Thank You!

Contact Don Skaggs for additional information.

GOHS Revitalization Committee falls under the umbrella of GOALS as a 501c3, Non-profit, public benefit corporation, formed by supporters of Great Oak High School (GOHS). Federal Tax identification # 20-1127880. Check with your accountant for any restrictions.

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