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How you can support PACKTRON

  • Imagine the Red Wave on a super large digital scoreboard!
  • Imagine seeing Homecoming on a super large digital scoreboard!
  • Imagine your picture during graduation on a super large digital scoreboard!

That’s Showing Our WOLFPACK SPIRIT!

GOALS Revitalization Committee through corporate, family, and alumni support will be purchasing this new scoreboard to give to GOHS.  With a donation to the scoreboard fund, you won’t have to imagine it – you will actually experience it.

What makes Great Oak High School Great?   You do, by participating in clubs, athletics, band, cheerleading, and supporting fundraisers like this one.   Donate and then challenge your friends, family, and classmates to raise the money for our WOLFPACK scoreboard project.

Every donation counts – regardless the amount.   If you love your school and feel the WOLFPACK SPIRIT, then you need to help make the scoreboard happen before school ends this year.    Come on WOLFPACK, now is the time to make a difference that everyone can see  – and you made it happen.  Help us make this project VIRAL on social media!

Put a link on your Facebook, and Tweet out the link to your aunts, uncles, grandparents, and others to donate and help make Great Oak High School achieve something AMAZING!

Keep Great Oak High School – GREAT!   Ain’t no party like a WOLFPACK party!

Click here to donate and make a difference!

Contact WSB for additional information.

If you prefer to donate by check, please make your check payable to: “GOALS”
Thank You!

GOHS Revitalization Committee falls under the umbrella of GOALS as a 501c3, Non-profit, public benefit corporation, formed by supporters of Great Oak High School (GOHS). Federal Tax identification # 20-1127880. Check with your accountant for any restrictions.

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