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The GOALS Revitalization Committee, a group of GOHS parents, invites you to be a part of something BIG for the community and our school that will have continuing benefits for many years in the future. GOALS Revitalization Committee through corporate, family, and alumni support will be buying and giving this new scoreboard to GOHS. Whether you are, a business owner looking to promote your business, a parent looking to improve the quality of education, or an alumni looking to give something back to your alma mater, Project Scoreboard is your opportunity to make a difference!

Great Oak High School is best known for its’ Academic Excellence and has one of the largest Spirit sections for athletic events.  It’s continuing leadership in the Temecula Valley, California, and the Nation requires the best facilities and community support. Project Scoreboard is all about strengthening family-school relationships and continuing to expand civic, business, and community partnerships that support improved student achievement.



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